IT Solutions

TTRE provides IT solutions essential to customer's work, mainly in the South China.

As your IT department, we provide one stop service from software and hardware installation to support

Software fit for business

Does your core business system have somewhere difficult to use?
TRE gives priority to streamlining the work of customers. We provide a system that fits perfectly with your business, not with a system.
From ERP system STEP PRO introduction support to original software development, we respond to a wide range of customer's needs.

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STEP Pro ERP ERP that fits business

STEP PRO ERP is a comprehensive ERP that TRE accumulated experience of customer's business support and efficiency improvement of 30 years. From accounting to inventory management, purchasing, ordering, MRP we have all the functions really needed by our customers.

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Software development Tailor-made applications

In order to maximize the productivity of customer's work, TRE analyzes customer's work and develops really necessary software in TaylorMade.


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Hardware solutions

IT infrastructure is the lifeline of your business.
As a customer IT department, TRE will respond one stop from the network to the PC and server. We will provide professional support from selection of appropriate hardware to introduction of appropriate hardware, maintenance to prevent troubles beforehand, and support at the time of trouble so that we can concentrate on the customer's original business.

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IT infrastructure Hardware implementation

The experienced professional team will respond to TRE by selecting and installing equipment, such as network equipment, PCs, servers, etc., which is the basis of customer's business execution.

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IT maintenance and support As your IT dept.

After building the IT infrastructure, TRE will support security management, prevention of problems in advance, support of emergency support and continuation of customer's business so that customers can devote themselves to business.

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