Managing Director greeting

In 1989, more than two decades ago, TRE was established as a complete business solution provider in Hong Kong to develop, implement and operate the enterprise resource planning system (ERP).

Since establishment, there have been three principles which have never been changed. The company principles have remained unchanged, even after I succeeded the TRE founder in 2010.

Our principles:
1. To realize a suitable system through GAP Analysis that fits like tailor-made clothes.
2. To focus on achieving more successful cases rather than just increasing sales, accompanying the customer as if in a three-legged race.
3. Running a smooth customer operation is most important, along with comprehensively solving the customer's operational problems together.

Unlike with commonly available do-it-yourself (DIY) type ERP packages, which have many available functions that users have to continuously fine-tune by themselves, our style is to spend more time with the customer on implementation in order to achieve success. Also, we do NOT seek function maximization; rather, we intentionally limit our functions. When you see our function list, you might wonder "Is it really enough?" But don't worry. Through more than 20 years of experience, we have screened again and again to eliminate unnecessary functions, and selected only those that are really needed.

Thankfully, 70% of our sales are repeat orders and/or support orders from existing customers, which makes our operation solid and stable. And around 50% of our customers continue to use our system for 10 years or more - some have even done so for more than 20 years. This is a delightful record, as the ERP system is normally reviewed for renewal only every 3 to 5 years. I believe the existence of these long-term, loyal patrons proves that we have somehow correctly selected only the really usable functions.

Moreover, the majority of our customers are Japanese-oriented companies (JOC) in Hong Kong, which are normally "Little but Elite", meaning that they cover geopolitically important areas with a very limited number of people. Even the "Big Names" in Japan are not quite so large here. Therefore, we are always facing the challenge of meeting big enterprise-level IT requirements with SME-sized budgets.

About half of our customers are listed companies in Japan, which means we are aware of leading-edge developments as we build our knowledge of JSOX (Corporate Governance) and the hottest new topics such as IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards - along with those front-runners.

Enjoying cosmopolitan Hong Kong's geographical advantages, many of our customers are multi-national operations, and with years of experience with those customers in Asia, we have built up confidence in providing remote, multi-national solutions without the need for expensive on-site engineers.

Before ending, I would like to mention my future commitment. Of course, we are continuously improving our product to deliver a more user-friendly and higher quality product, but starting from this year, we are determined to further version-up our Simple Production System for the "world's factory" - China.

In addition, although we already have great confidence in the remote support mentioned above, we are also trying to enhance on-site support, in order to further enrich our multi-location solutions. We have already established TRE Guangzhou (2003), and we are now strengthening our facilities in Shanghai. We would like to further enrich our multi-national on-site support network to provide better services.

In the past, we have been very lucky to have had opportunities to be well-informed by customers, and we have learned quite a lot from the Hong Kong environment, with the ever-present need to fulfill its challenging requirements. But we should not just let the situation continue as it is; rather, we would like to keep adapting in order to contribute, not just to customers and society, but also to Japan, the homeland of TRE, as much as we can.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in TRE, and thank you for your continued support.

Managing Director
Takashi Ueno