Hardware Implementation

TRE investigates the customer's IT environment,

We propose the optimum IT environment for customers.

TRE understands your IT environment through our "IT maintenance" service, in order to provide comprehensive IT solution with diversified IT management perspectives.

What is the Common Risk of IT?

IIT is an indispensable element in business nowadays. Most business information, operations and communication rely on IT systems. How to build up and manage reliable IT systems in business is already becoming an important issue. The following are four key components to ensure that IT systems work well in an organization.

TRE Hardware implementation service

We provide a one-stop solution to the customer, and suggest the most appropriate solution to solve their issues. We maintain the IT environment by:

  • Problem Solving & Suggesting Solutions
  • Onsite and Remote Support
  • Documentation of IT System Configuration
  • Managing the Configuration Changes
  • Regular System Status Checks
  • Yearly IT System Security Assessment
  • Providing a JSOX supported IT environment (Highlight with * mark)

Secure File Sharing Solution

A centralized firl sharing system with access management is very important to protect valuable company information.

Secure Remote Office Solution

A simple and efficient solution to allow you to work with high security anywhere, increase the flexibility of your business, and achieve your business goals.

File and Image Backup

A cost-effective solution for automatically backing up your data, such as email and files, protect your valuable company assets, and prevent unpredictable data loss.

Internet Access and Security Solution

Internet access is essential nowadays; an effective solution for managing its use is important for business, and can improve working efficiency.

Network design and installation

We provide cabling, network design and setting for network construction.

Software License Check

This aims to help you tidy up and manage your software license details, current usage, and history. Make sure that you are getting the most out of your (valuable) licenses, and that your software meets the needs of your business.
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