Scratch development

Full scratch software development

TRE has rich experience in several industries, which we have acquired during implementation of our projects.

Through TRE system analysis, we can develop a final solution which matches the customer's need.
TRE provides a one-stop services, including analysis, implementation and maintenance/support after the live run. Please contact us for further information.

We provide total solution to your operational problems; system programming; installation and maintenance.


Competent for Cross-industries


Since 1989, TRE has been providing IT consulting services to various Japanese-oriented companies (JOC) in Asia in such fields as logistics, electronic parts, apparel, and textiles. By applying GAP analysis - with an original TRE methodology developed over many years - we bridge the gap between Japanese management and local management.


Established Consulting Methodology


TRE establishes system analysis models and development/implementation methodology that can analyze customer's multidimensional expectations, in order to achieve the most efficient solution. Managers can gain excellent insight into their own business affairs, and can monitor company operations with a view to reducing costs as well as avoiding management risk.

The analysis study will cover the functions' uniqueness, data security, software maintenance, software expandability and flexibility, user roles and behavior, etc.


In-depth Schedule and Cost Monitoring


Develop strict software development schedule and cost to develop software at appropriate cost.

Project Management

Schedules should be realistic, and actual progress should be compared to the original schedule on a regular basis. Various techniques may be applied to help avoid delays and make up for lost time if necessary.

Cost Control

Budget compliance is a basic necessity for successful cost control. Through aggressive scheduling, and adequate and experienced analysis/implementation, we will keep costs in check throughout the project.