STEP Pro ERP Comprehensive solutions

STEP Pro ERP is integrated business management software that fits your business.


1. Multi-language, multi-currency, multi-bookkeeping, multi-company

Common problem: Takes time to calculate foreign currency exchange to company base currency manually.

2. Avoid duplicate input from order receipts in financial statements

Common problem: Extra time always needed for double-input sales and AR information

3. Tailor-made sales analysis, stock status, order status, and accounting reports for different kinds of analysis.

Common problem: Takes time to prepare management reports for Headquarters manually.

4. All input data in the system can be exported to Excel for further analysis

Common problem: Analysis data has to be prepared in Excel manually

5. Real-time information such as sales and stock data, etc. can be obtained at any time to make quick sales or management decisions

Common problem: The current month's company status is unknown until the end of the month

6. Organisation and analysis of company compliance for JSOX

Based on GAP Analysis, this can tidy up company rules in a document

7. Prepare system for targeting IFRS

Such as producing certain types of financial statement using templates

8. Chinese VAT processing

STEP Pro 3.0 ERP provides functions to suit Chinese business operations in terms of VAT Tax processing from trading to accounting. We have solid implementation projects in China

STEP Pro System Overview

The total business solution package
Any module below can be chosen separately to provide the best solutions regarding your business needs. 

Implementation Schedule (Sales / Purchase / Inventory / Accounting: around 6 months)

  • 1) Hearing/Demonstration

    Before finalizing the contract, we sketch out a skeleton of our solution through meetings and demos in order to submit an estimated price.
  • 2) Kick off

  • 3) GAP Analysis

    Optimize your company operations through GAP analysis.
    Confirm operation flow and necessary modifications through GAP analysis in writing.
  • 4) Installation/Training

    Training and Implementation based on GAP analysis until live run.

    Training and Implementation based on GAP analysis until live run.
    Custom-made training using customer's PC and data at customer's office until they master its operation. Contents: Master settings, Input data, How to use reports etc.

  • 5) Parallel Run

    For this period, the Parallel run is the busiest time for user - about one month.
  • 6) System Maintenance

    Our maintenance support also covers operational problem solving with the customer.

    After the parallel run, check consistency and move to live run. From this stage, any inquiry, such as operational questions, will be fully supported by maintenance.

Through our specialized knowledge and clear working procedure shown above,
we can successfully implement a project (trading + accounting) in around 6 months.
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