STEP Pro ERP system maintenance

TRE provides preventive maintenance for stable operation of STEP Pro ERP.

1. Maintenance of the System Environment

TRE keeps customers' system environments on our server for our support and restoration the data, and keeps backup media in the safety box in order to protect customer's system environment from unexpected computer trouble. 
(Daily data backup to be done by customer.)

2. Protection

1. Periodical Operational Check

  • In our periodical consultation, we support the appropriate operation by reviewing current operations and looking for possibilities of the enhancement. (Once a year)

2. Periodical Backup / Restore Check

  • We do a restore test for the backup data, to ensure backup processing is performed correctly. (Once a year)

3. Month-end Status Check

  • Data consistency check ;
  • Data backup check
    *We support every month for a smooth month-end.

4. Training

Free training (Hong Kong area only) is offered once every year if required.
This option would be helpful for sudden personnel replacement.


3. Support (9:00-12:30, 13:30-17:30 Monday to Friday, Unlimited)

Telephone Support

Hotline inquiry is available when a system problem occurs.

Remote Support

After getting approval from the customer, TRE will access the customer's computer remotely to minimize operational problems.

On-site Support

We will dispatch our engineers in case the problems above cannot be solved by remotely.