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Case Studies

Expenses Control by construction project

Guangzhou, Construction Management and Maintenance, 10 Staff

Guangzhou, Construction Management and Maintenance, 10 Staff

Sharing project information and maintenance job management

Customer Challenges

Construction Equipment Project

  • 1

    Each person-in-charge(PIC) kept all project-related information, so the project stalled when the PIC was absent.

  • 2

    Wants to improve the efficiency of maintenance operations by learning from past maintenance experiences.

  • 3

    Automatically generate budgets and results from the system for each division to reduce paperwork and errors. Improve the speed and accuracy of business decisions.

  • 4

    Integrating human resource management system with ERP, such as incorporating payroll and attendance information with Sales Order and Purchase Order information to grasp current cash flow and each project's labour cost.

Our Suggestion

Integrate project management and HR systems connected with ERP to improve the accuracy and efficiency of project operations

System Overview

Implementation Flowchart

Around 4 months until Live Run