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Case Studies

Hardware Maintenance

Hong Kong, Insurance & Financial Services, 18 staff

Hong Kong, Insurance & Financial Services, 18 staff

Helpful for J-SOX (corporate governance) issues and in conformity with hardware maintenance and network standards

Customer Challenges

Improving IT management to meet the Japanese Headquarters' expected criteria

  • 1

    Wants to outsource its administrative tasks, feeling anxious about own maintenance ability in the case of an IT system failure.

  • 2

    Wants to change IT maintenance approach from first-aid support style addressing an issue to a preventive maintenance.

  • 3

    Wants to establish handover rules for the company IT administrator and tidy up digitalize IT documentation for an audit.

  • 4

    Wants to set up an IT concierge desk for security issues, such as cyber threat scanning, setting firewalls and log keeping.

Our Suggestion

Attentive support in eliminating IT threats and quick recovery of daily operation

Our Hardware & Network Maintenance

Also utilized for Corporate Gavernance