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Case Studies

System solution for surface treatment industry

South China・ Manufacture・ 230 staff

South China・ Manufacture・ 230 staff

Construction of an ERP system specialised for surface treatment

Customer Challenges

There is no specific ERP system for surface treatment

  • 1

    A general ERP system is unsuitable for stock-in processing flows in the surface treatment processing industry due to differences in the workflow, e.g. the stock-in quantity is the amount shown on the delivery note and not the actual quantity of items received.

  • 2

    Due to a business model focused on a small quantity but wide variety of processed products, the furnace capacity is not being used efficiently.

  • 3

    The creation of X-R control charts in Excel is time-consuming.

Proposal from TRE

Improve efficiency with a system specialised for surface processing

Inventory management business workflow

Processing different products simultaneously

X-R control chart created and output by the system

Implement Schedule