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Case Studies

Express Start-Up

Hong Kong・Service・20 staff

Hong Kong・Service・20 staff

From proposal to go-live, express start-up of tailored invoicing and accounting system

Customer Challenges

For customers who want to adopt an unique integrated invoicing system as soon as possible to improve productivity.

  • 1

    Off-the-shelf ERP software may not always provide the best practice to customer's unique operations.

  • 2

    Only authorized user could maintain unit price so that staff cannot change the unit price.

  • 3

    Since invoices and quotations are stored on paper, it can be quite messy when aggregating the extensive data manually.

  • 4

    It is time-consuming to take printouts, one by one, to sign and stamp the documents. Customers want to generate documentation with a digital signature and issue from the system.

  • 5

    The current operation is Excel based, which are inconvenient for multiple staff members to handle simultaneously.

Our Suggestion

Streamline operations from ordering to billing

System Flow Image

Short lead time from proposal to go-live

Around 4 months until Live Run