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Case Studies

Project Management

Hong Kong & Shenzhen,Manufacturing affiliated trading companies, 50 staff

Hong Kong & Shenzhen,Manufacturing affiliated trading companies, 50 staff

Monitoring the timely progress of project activities

Customer Challenges

To facilitate internal communication to speed up and improve the efficiency of your business

  • 1

    Time lag in internal communication may lead to shipping delays. Errors in custom-clearance documents cause shipping delays, resulting in a chain reaction of delays and/or omission of invoicing to head office.

  • 2

    Returned goods and discount priced goods are managed manually, so input to the accounts system is usually delayed.

  • 3

    Difficult to manage outstanding orders due to the input of invoice and sales information, both manually and separately. It is possible to analyze sales results only after the monthly closing process.

  • 4

    Manual handling of complicated outsourced products such as samples and semi-finished products.

Our Suggestion

Deploying the project management system to provide, when needed, sufficient progress information about the project.

Building a tailored project management system

Implementation Flowchart

Around 8 months until Live Run