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Case Studies

Systems Solution for Giant Steel Manufacturers

Southern China,steel manufacturing

Southern China,steel manufacturing

The realisation of fraud and error prevention through process computerisation and digitisation of approval process

Customer Challenges

1. Reduce manual operation to eliminate loss due to human error & manipulation.
2. Digitise the order approval process to enable historical data to be reviewed at any time.

  • 1

    【Quality Inspection】
    Quality inspection is the company’s top priority, as the products are safety-critical.
    Mistakes and tampering can lead directly to product recalls.
    The company relies on a labour-intensive method and experienced staff that may not be able to keep up with responses during the busy season.

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    【Paper-based order approval】
    The paper-based order approval process becomes chaotic when unexpected tracking back of the product is in disarray.
    It is also difficult to investigate how specifications were prepared and confirmed during any subsequent review.

Proposal from TRE

Step-by-step implementation:
Automated quality inspection and
approval workflow systems.

Flow of automatic capturing of tensile tester inspection results

Quality inspection automation schedule

Order review workflow

Order review system + production management system linked schedule